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May 16, 2007



Well done on the weight loss! And on not buying the veggie pizza. All the best for the appointments today - haven't been there but I know the whole IVF thing is incredibly traumatic so well done for organising some non-edible support for yourself.


It's not boasting! And anyway, if you can't shout your achievements from the rooftops on here, wher can shout them. Congratulations, mrs. 3st 2lbs! I made up for you!

I felt the same as you. I really didn't believe I was going to lose the fabled 3 stone by the end of Foundation. Ok, I haven't, for the reasons you know, but I've still down pretty damn good, considering I only managed to do 3 weeks of LL and 3 weeks of CD. Then I mamanged to stay in ketosis for about another 2 weeks, and then healthy eating since then. I've gone down from 14st 11lb (6th Feb) to 12st 2lb (14th May). I did get to 12st but there's been a little blip of 3lb which is on it's way out again.


I wish you every luck with the scan today. It's a pity I didn't know earlier. I know we haven't 'physically' met but I'm not at work today and I would have been more than willing to have given you moral support in Harley Street; and we could even have had some retail therapy afterwards. As you know, I've been in the same position as you, and I know only too well how traumatic infertility treatment is.

If you don't want to talk about it on here, mrs, but would like to let off steam, then let me know and I'll give you my email address or phone number.

Oh, and big, big congratulations on avoiding the pizza. How do you celebrate? revelling in those virtuous thoughts.

Hope today went well (if you're reading this after your appointments). Hope it goes well (if your reading this before).

Chris x


You know - I really feel today that some of the LL headwork is beginning to sink in properly and that is in no small part to your example and your sending me the Though Record. So, thank you, you've really helped me out and I hope you can start valuing yourself properly too.

It seems to me that a lot of your disbelief at your sucess, your desire not to tell people about the diet and your desire not to "boast" comes from not assigning to yourself your true worth.

I know I don't have that problem (bigheaded cow that I am!! - LOL) so maybe you could try and take a leaf from this book as I've done from yours and start believing in yourself a lot more?

I'm really praying for you that IVF is a goer and hope that your day in London was not too traumatic. Asking a friend for support was a masterstroke and I bet she was overjoyed to be asked. Good luck.

Lesley x


Well done on your loss - 7lbs is excellent and 3stone 2lb is just bloody brilliant - I'm really happy for you.

You did so well not buying the vegetarian pizza - you need to find something else that you can be addicted to, in the future that can be a healthy but ever so tasty food but for now you need to find a 'non food fix' ...... only you can know what you might want that to be.

I'm glad you contacted your friend - it's best that you have someone for support.... really do wish you the very best of luck x


Cerulean (Sarah)

Hello Mrs. L - I'm Cerulean.

I have to say that I love your blog very much. It's so thoughtful and well put together.

I've been through two of the things that you mention on a regular basis.

Rewarding myself for day 100 and a 5st loss was done by having my gums cleaned so hard that I cried. That may sound more than a little masochistic, but it was rather a milestone for me. I hadn't had my teeth seen to in 14 years so it was a very extreme form of self-care and bloody well sorting out my neglected body. I'd been so indulgent with myself through the first 50 days - I bought myself everything I wanted with little thought for my bank balance! I think it was rather an apt gift for myself. The 3 fillings that I needed to have have all been white - which is a huge extravangance - but I'M WORTH IT!

As for the amazing one week loss to get you where you needed to be - this diet is a very very strange fish - I find that if I want to be a weight enough and visualise it in my head before I meeting that I will get there. If I am vague in any way, then I lose less. Very strange and absolutely noting concrete behind that theory - just a gut feeling.

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