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May 24, 2007



Try not to assume that just because something happened in the past, it will happen again. This diet is already different, as you said in an earlier (but recent post) you have already exceeded your expectations - there is no reason to think you can't suceed at this diet however many people know you're on it. The fact is, you're doing really well and you're learning masses about yourself and your motivations.

I agree with your LLC that we have to get to OUR goal. Now that doesn't have to be BMI of 20 or something daft - it just has to be what YOU say it is, when you know. I'm setting a low target but also saying that I may move it upwards if, when I get near, I'm happy at the higher weight. That's because I suspect I will be too thin at 10 and a half stone. If I'm a slim size 12 at 11 stone, I'll stop then.

BUT I will reach my target. I think that is CRUCIAL. Really. And I think doing Maintenance will be crucial too. As this diet is not all about weight loss, a good part of it is about suceeding. I know you can do it and am looking forward to standing up and cheering when I hear that you do (even if I'm at work!).

Lesley x


My LLC also thought it best to get to where we want to be before stopping abstinence, as there is enough to think about whilst doing management without worrying about weight loss. I think there's a lot to be said for that approach although there may be other factors for some. As for where you want to be - can be tricky. I wanted to be approximately the weight I was at university because I knew that worked for me. I wonder where this 18.5-20 BMI came from? I had heard a healthy BMI for women was 19-23 but this new one seems very low as <18.5 is supposed to be underweight. Around 19/20 is fine for me as I'm really small framed but I don't think it would work for people with a larger frame.

As for rate of loss - I lost 20lbs the 1st 4 weeks, 16lbs the 2nd 4 (which took me to BMI 24.9) then 15lbs the next 4, so the rate doesn't necessarily slow down too much.

I can relate to your feelings about keeping it private. I confess I find it difficult when people (especially those who haven't seen me for a while) react to my weight loss because a)I hate fuss and b)it reminds me about how bad I looked before!


I've reset my goal - it was 10 stone (just picked a round figure) but I've moved it to 9 stone now - I'm only 5'1" so this takes me to a bmi of 25 ... I'd ideally like to be a couple of pound less so that I'm not always verging on going over the top of bmi 25. Saying that though I can't really remember how it felt being 9 stone (been 20 years now) so I may get to 9st 7lb and think that that's where I want to be ... I'm just reckoning on the fact that I'll know what I want when I get there.


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