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May 29, 2007



First, I'm glad you lost a pound after all your bad news on the scales this week! We did that exercise at last week's management session - can't say it grabbed me but it was OK. I can understand your feelings of vulnerability - I had a bit of an "opening the floodgates" moment a few sessions ago and felt (wrongly) the others must think I'm an emotional wreck! But I think what it means is that you're dealing with issues that need sorting out and surely that must be good. I think you may find that making yourself vulnerable may help the group gel.

I can identify with not looking in the mirror. In fact I avoided it so successfully I never had an accurate image of myself as fat, which means I've had no problems adjusting to my new look!


Quite an evening you had there, mrs. Not having been in Development, I'm not sure I'm quite one to comment, but do you think it could just have been because you were out of your comfort-zone that you felt so uncomfortable. It must have been like being the new girl in school almost. You know you don't need to tell me about being emotional - I've more-or-less got a degree in it, but I honestly think that the reason you felt so bad was that you were probably expecting a little mpr from the session than you got. Did you think there was going to be some sort of epiphany from the session?

It really seems though, that by writing it all down, you have answered some of your own questions about Development.

Congratulations on getting so far, mrs, and good luck in the next stage of your journey.

Chris x


SORRY!.....'a little more from the session'

Note to self: must take typing lessons.



A really emotive post you have written there, and written beautifully if you don't mind me saying so. Personally I'd be glad if someone/I cried during a session as I'd feel that it had hit home and made a difference to someone so please don't feel bad about crying - I'd much rather it was out and felt rather than bottled away in a little compartment inside.

I start Development next Monday (got my last Foundation this Wednesday) and after reading your post I'm quite looking forward to it. I'm nervous of course but in a positive way that I feel we're moving on to the next stage - one step closer to being where we want to.

Well done on the loss too - well deserved :)


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