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May 20, 2007



Glad to hear that you didn't get any negative news ... apart from the nurse of course - they should think about these things before they comment in a negative fashion - you're doing the best thing for your life and people especially medics shouldn't make you feel bad about it.

I'd have eaten the wrap too - it doesn't do you any good to starve and it was a one off situation.



I can't believe the lack of empathy you received at the clinic, mrs. I was treated at UCH and The Royal London and have nothing but praise for the way in which I was cared for. (I am thinking back 14 years or more, so it could be with rose-tinted specs, but I don't think so).

Very good of you not to eat the whole wrap, especially as you were feeling rather down. I don't think anyone could have blamed you. But good on you for not giving in.

Chris x

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