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May 12, 2007



You are damned right about the support. But it's support YOU have created and called for yourself through your actions in starting and maintaining a blog and going on the forums so it's double whammy! You've been adult enough to get out there and do something about it but also adult enough to accept help and rely on others!! What progress you've/we've made.

I include myself wholeheartedly in your lightbulb moment and thank you for it. Maybe not shedding a tear but definitely wet eyes. The realisation that this is for life has been sinking in for the last few weeks. Although I've been doing lots and posting about mostly surface matters recently - I'm getting ready for some more serious head work. So, watch this space (well - not this space - mine - you know what Imean!!).

You're doing very well MRS - we all have different strengths and while mine might be letting it all hang out and being an exercise/visual inspiration, yours is the analysis and making us all think more deeply about what LL means to us. Keep it up - I really appreciate it!

Lesley x


I can fully understand you feeling that LL is one of the best things you've done - your feelings though of the support helping you through it though are a bit off skew .... yes the support you have is there (and here) to help you but it's only here because you made it be so. You could have not posted in minimims, not wrote your own blog, and not commented on other peoples blogs and gone through this whole thing on your own but YOU put the work in and YOU made the difference to what could have been a lonely journey and you should take the credit for that. Also the hardest part of this you are doing on your own, you're doing the abstaining and your chasing your crooked thoughts away - you may have us sat on your shoulders with wittering little voices in your ears but you're still the one doing all the hard work.... and you're doing it bloody well.



With the problems I've experienced trying to do LL and CD there's no way I could have continued without the support of everyone on these blogs - yourself, mrs, cath, mel, claire, lesley, ameythist, wendy, sam. We have all helped each other when needed and been there for the laughs and the tears throughout. A lonely diet vigil is only set for failure, I think.

I love your posts, mrs. As I said to you once before, it's great that you and Lesley breakdown the sessions each week. I don't feel I'm missing out so much and I can follow in my green book.

Keep it up! Chris x

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