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May 29, 2007



Cheers Mrs - we got it. All accepted before 10am and we're also buying all furniture and equipment too so will be a turnkey operation!!


Have a good day and hope you feel better soon.

Lesley x


Hi Mrs. I've eventually caught up with your posts. I couldn't look in for a few days and SO MUCH to catch up with.

I did the netdoctor self-esteem test you put up yesterday and came out at 59%, so getting better it seems.

And, don't talk about Catholic guilt. I've been there all my life - doesn't help having been educated in a convent for 7 years. Although, I'm glad I went there and will always hold onto the ethical and moral grounding I received there.

I tell you one thing, I don't envy you all when you talk about TOTM. I had a hysterctomy 7yrs ago and the pains are one thing I really don't miss. I was prescribed Ponstan (mefenemic acid) but by the end even that wasn't really hitting the mark. I feel for you!

I had lots of comments in mind for the posts I've just caught up on, but would have been typing for ever, so I'll just say, "Keep on keeping on, mrs, and definitely keep off those little bites you've been allowing yourself if you want those scales to carry on going down - a moment on the lips, and all that"

I wish I was sticking at the 11stone mark, mine seems to be the 12stone mark.

Good luck and have a good week.

Chris x


Hi Mrs L
I just wanted to say thanks for all the self esteem stuff you have written on here, i've found it really useful. I did the test and scored 39!:(


Sorry you are feeling rough, hope it will pass soon.

I know what you mean about deadlines and sometimes needing it to motivate and of course that BUZZ. However during the stressful period it's bloody terrible for all the reasons you talk about.

I am going to have a go at the Net DR quiz, and will let you know the result.

Sam xx


OK, just done the quiz and have a score of 57.

I agree with the analysis mostly ... it says I am ok with my job and what I do, but have a hard time believing in myself.

Thought provoking

Night x


Am in blogging catch up mode at the moment but am planning on doing the quiz - not so sure I'm looking forward to the results though!


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