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May 24, 2007



Yeah - those skinny bitches can really wind you up - LOL!!

I can't wait to be one though, can you? When I am I'm going to promise to think before I spout off about weight and try and remember what it was like being fat and feeling hopeless about it. I'm doing it now with my collegue even though I want to shake her and say get thee to LL!!

Lesley x


We had a discussion this week about going into development - this was after another woman had left us for management and another was advised by the LLC to eat a couple of meals this week as really she could go into management now though she doesn't want to.

As of this week there are only 3 (poss 4 as one woman works shifts so that might be why she hasn't been) of us left out of 14. There are 2 (maybe 3) who'll go into development for a long while -- I'm hoping to be all done and dusted by Christmas ... that takes in the fact that I'm planning on eating for 5 weeks while on 2 holidays (evenings only).

Know exactly what you mean about the skinnies complaining about the pounds - bloody annoying isn't it :) Then again I'm hoping that when I'm slim if I do put a few pounds on to put a stop to it right away rather than just letting it go on and on so maybe they do have a point!


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