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May 12, 2007



I've no idea on a goal or ideal weight yet either - I've set a 'goal' of 10 stone at the moment but I don't think that's my ideal (though at this moment it sounds like heaven!). I'm only 5'1" so would need to be under 9st 4lb to be in a healthy bmi --- in my head at the moment I guess I'd love to be a size 12 so I'll just see where I go with that.

Re the other peoples comments - I think the last time I lost weight when I got to my lowest (which coincidentally is the same as I weighed this morning) people were commenting on how good I looked, I felt I looked good and I just kind of gave up :( This time I'm taking the comments for what they are - compliments as to how I look compared with how I did look .... and knowing that I still need to lose a whole lot more --- this time no giving up.

I think you'll know when you're the right weight for you and it will be a mix of all of the things that you mentioned..... and you'll soon be there xx



Great to read your blog, particularly this bit! I often wonder where I will end up weight wise, and people are now beginning to ask "How much more do you have to lose then? You SURELY wont need tolose much more....." (I guess they cant quite believe how fat I really am...

I know that its at least another 5 stone and prob more, but the end result????? No idea!

Thanks for these inspiring words, and meet you again on Minis!


Now I'm not on LL or CD I'm afraid to set a goal as I don't want to let myself down. I shall just continue to eat healthy now and see what happens.

Things may get better once I have had a chat with the nutrionist (provding my GP will give me the referral).

Just looked at pictures of Melanie Grifiths knees. If that's what happens when you lose weigth I think I'd rather stay fat.

Chris x

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