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May 21, 2007



Hooray, I have found you.

Will need to spend some time and get myself up to date on your BLOG!

Hope you feel ok soon, but keep going

Sam xxx


Hi Mrs - I've been terrible at posting recently but a checking in. Hopefully I'll catch up tonight.

I know what you mean about sleep - I'm craving it. D is away tomorrow and I think I'll be in bed from 9pm every night for a week!!

Hope the hormones settle down soon. Take care.

Lesley x


Hope you feel better soon. I once put on 5 lbs during a 2 day stay in hospital for a minor op! These things are usually just a blip and scales can lie. You won't have put on any real weight. Keep going - it's worth it.


Hope you're feeling brighter now - I'm not expecting a good weigh in tomorrow as my scales are saying I've hardly moved this week (in fact sometimes I've gone up).

I'm so tired today that I've not even gone to aqua, in fact I've done nothing - can't wait to get into bed.



I put on 2lbs overnoght last week. That would have been 7000 calories (if only!)

Chris x

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