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June 22, 2007



I know how you feel - mine have gone the same way! I have learned a new skill of stuffing them into clothes/bras. It's Ok when they are covered but I do feel sad when I see them. However I'd rather have boobs like pitta breads than big fat ones. Just hoping time will help a bit!! (AJ's post gave me hope)


My boobs have always been big and firm, even when I was slim (all those 19 years ago) - anyway now they are all skin and not much substance and they wrinkle!!!! And I'm only 38 .... in fact the only place that I have got wrinkles is on my boobs ..... but and it's a big and firm but - I am so much happier with boobs that are like they are now with a smaller body than I was when they were bigger and firmer and so was the rest of me to match!

The joys of a good bra will do wonders and there is only me and Ste that have to see them bra'less and he's more than happy to look so I guess I'll keep them as they are and just hope that they catch up with themselves and do some firming up ..... otherwise the surgeon and his knives will out :)



Pitta bread lol! Havent heard that one before! In a good fitting bra mine are actuall quite impressive but out of bra yuck! If & when I vere have the dosh boobie job here I come althugh AJ's thread said hers have masively improved over time so I would wait & se & dont be disheartened!

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