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July 19, 2007



Thank you, Mrs. Much appreciated. At the moment I'm just trying to cook and eat healthy meals. Cooking from scratch most of the time. I've also got the Ian Marber 4 week plan book. I am only reading ot at the moment, I know, I won't lose weight just reading it. But, it's quite involved so I want to make sure I can do the Plan justice, and I also want to do it so that John and Lizzie can benfit as well.

I had thought of going back to SW but at the moment I want to try to eat in a more 'natural' way, without neding to worry about whether I'm on a red or green day.

I've tried WW in the past, both in class and online, but wasn't very successful on it I'm afraid.

LighterLife, unfortunately, has spoilt me for losing weight slowly. I just wish I could continue for one more stone. If I got to 11 stone I'd be more than happy.

But I shall perservere. Thank you again, mrs

Chris x (hugs)

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