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July 31, 2007



Good for you, mrs. Very well put. This should be esential reading for anyone new to LighterLife.

I wonder why you didn't put my blog up though?'t want to frighten anyone off, do we?

Hope you feel a little more rejuvenated after your 'duvet day'.

Chris x


Wow - comprehensive or what!!

I have printed that out to give to my friend from the pub who is starting next week. I've already told her most of it but don;t tink I cold put it as well as that. I've also printed off a copy for me as I feel as though I need to start again, again, again....!

Lesley x

Tiger Girl

Fabulous beginners guide Mrs L....ahh, the heady joyful days of the very beginning!
I look forward to the Developers version as promised
TG x

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