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August 05, 2007



I should think with the way your life is at the moment, Mrs, just the thought of finding your adult state must be a trial. You're working hard with, how many jobs is it, 2, 3? You're also project managing a majot property renovation on your own home, so don't even have the luxury of being able to step back, emotionally, from it. You're more or less living out of suitcases in a B&B (no matter how nice it may be). And, you're on your own doing all this a lot of the time 'cos hubbie's working away.........and you're worried about not finding your adult state. Goodness I don't think I'd even be able to find my way out of bed most of the time.


You're right - the adult state is key. I know that my adult state often tells me something which I then agree with, act on for a while and then bypass and eat something anyway - so - rebellious child is my downfall.

But, the adult seems quite dull a lot of the time!!

The "is this a kind and loving thing" question seems to have promise for me. I will try and use that to make my tentative stabs at being adult stick more firmly.

The other trick I use quite often is the hole in the sidewalk poem you posted a while ago. I quite often say to myself "walk round it, walk around the hole Lesley!!" when I'm tempted.

I've not got the walking down the other street yet, I'm afraid and suspect I'll only do that when I've been maintaining a healthy weight for several years. I suspect that one creeps up on you over time. I hope one day, to find a printout of the poem in some old stuff and think "Yes - I've done that for ages now...".

That'll be a happy moment..

So - if nothing else Mrs - you've helped me.

I hope you can help yourself and that my small support goes some way to repay the favour.

Lesley x

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