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August 27, 2007



That's so weird - I was just digging through stuff for the car boot sale next weekend and found the CD that goes with my Paul McKenna book and put it to one side to listen to tonight! I got a lot out of it before. I only stuck to the rules for a couple of weeks and only lost half a stone but the ideas about linking eating to hunger (like, totally radical man...) and enjoying your food not just stuffing it in have made an impact with me.

I also remember the lovely feeling of relaxation while listening to the CD and often use a few of the techniques, especially the visualisation stuff.

Hope it helps you again too.

I'm really looking forward to RTM - what's so hard about it? The choices?

Lesley x

Cerulean (Sarah)

LOL - No Comment - is the official line on that - wayyyy too much today, I can tell you! The other two days, 4-5 portions. I tend to be better at my food logging at work and my priority for this weekend was just to avoid chocolate and up the exercise! I have realised that a lot of my fruit cravings have been when I have actually been thirsty...


I do think Paul McKenna is pretty good. I really enjoyed watching his show and the successes he had with people. However the books and CDs always rely on us keeping up momentum. I have Change your life in 9 days (was it 9?) and I can make you thin and another one too but I've never stuck with any of them for more than a few days...

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