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August 01, 2007



That programme looks good. I bought the Best magazine yesterday (and woman's own) because someone said there was a LL success story in ti and I need a bit of external motivation at the mo. In one of those, there are a few recipes from teh series as a teaser. One of the ideas is beetroot chocolate cake. The chocolate cake in the pic looks delish and grated raw beetroot is an ingredient - so I presume it's ideas like that - to substitute something high sugar/high fat/ high cal with low alternatives.

I'm looking forward to the show!


I'm watching Richard & Judy as I type this and the girls have just been on the show. It looks interesting and they showed a clip of a size 16 woman who followed their way of cooking for 6 weeks and lost 9lbs and went down 2 dress sizes to a size 12. I shall be watching!!!

Chris x

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