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August 07, 2007


Cerulean (Sarah)

Oh that's rubbish and I'm sorry that you're feeling rotten. But well done for sticking to it. Attagirl.

I wasn't that impressed with Cook Yourself a lot of these things it's all about the gloss and not enough about what's actually going on. If we could limit ourselves to two hand made chocolates a day we'd be fine! Also - I'd hardly say that skinless roast chicken and roast veg is a terribly similar substitution - I would have been more interested in what the calories were with the skin on as it would have been a fairer comparison to beef.

I did like the crumble recipe though and the vanilla creme fraiche was a good custard substitute idea...

I really like Nigella's sections on low fat and templefood in her first two books - they contain some very sane tips and tricks.


Oh, I feel for you, Mrs. As you know, I went through years and years of gynae probs. I understand only too well the pain of endometriosis and cysts. I sympathise, and empathise. Hope you're feeling better in a day or two. But, please, don't let it upset your abstinence this week. I'm sending you calming relaxing thoughts.

Chris (hugs) x


Oh poor you - as if you don't have enough to contend with in your mega packed and stressful life. I hope you're proud of yourself for not eating though - I think you tend towards too much self-criticism in the guise of self-analysis (like so many of us!) and you deserve to give yourself lots of credit.
Peridot x

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