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August 06, 2007



Yeah - I've always hated that saying! Firstly - like you I seldom FEEL slim - I might look in the mirror and think - objectively that I am slim, or feel strong and fit while walking or running but I generally am conscious of the weight of my body most of the time and don't really FEEL slim.

Secondly - loads of things taste way better than feeling slim!!

There's no way some diet company can con me that keeping slim is going to taste good - it probably isn't.

I just have to learn control and to enjoy the parts of my life that don't involve food more so that I don't want to eat all the time. Easier said than done!

As we know - it's probably never going to be easy for us to control our food intake. We're probably always going to have to keep an eye out and work at it. Why con ourselves??

It should get easier over time though??? I hope....

Good luck with your week of abstinence. It's hard but can be done. And gets easier once you manage a couple of days - habits again.

Lesley x


Agree with Lesley wholeheartedly! I always thought that lots of things tasted better than being slim feels...

But I am finding that the things I loved before are not so good anymore. Sugary foods are a bit bleugh actually and make me feel sluggish and ill.


I also agree that some foods taste much better than being slim. The only difference is that being slim makes me happier in the long run, whilst even the most delicious food lasts for a few minutes and then makes me feel bad...

Best of luck with abstinence Mrs! I'll be sending you positive thoughts :)))



When you eat right and exercise, you feel strong and healthy and confident. You start loving your body - not because you lose weight - but because you feel great. It's an inside job. You're finally treating your body like the temple it is.

From Skinny Bitch (Rory Freedman & Kim Barnouin)

Last year Mrs Lard sent me a postcard which read My body is not a temple it's an amusement park! Laugh? Still makes me laugh now but I wonder whether, in the quest for slimness, spiritual nourishment is actually the answer. If you give yourself the holy treatment maybe you do not need the joy provided by tasty snacks (I DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THAT JOY). Maybe she who is not feeding her soul will always be hungry?

You can do abstinence Duffy Moon. Trying on size 10 jeans? If I'd told you that in January...


I think you need now to work on you body image. You are definitely SLIM - no two ways about it. But you have years and years of conditioning to get over. It WILL happen, but it's going to take time. I mentioned a book and website to you in my email today. Have a look. I'll write about the book in my blog so everyone else can take a look.

Chris x

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