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September 05, 2007



I know exactly what you mean about Jane T - she's the sort of woman who sticks in your head. I have frequently wondered how she was getting on in between her various events and challenges. I suppose I knew the next news about her wouldn't be good when she didn't run in the Leeds Charity 10km run this summer which she set up but it's very sad to hear that she's gone now. Gone but definitely not forgotten.

I wish your friends all the luck and love in the world in their battle too. It's a horrible illness but people do get through it.

Lesley x


I felt so sad when I heard about Jane T, she is a true role model. I have a friend who's come through breast cancer & my grandma who unfortunately didn't (this was a long time ago so treatment wasn't as good as it is now), so I also wish your friends all the luck in the world.

Could you possibly let me know of the name of the aluminium-free deodorant you were given? I didn't know there were any.

Amanda x

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