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September 10, 2007



Hi Mrs. Yes, very sad. I've admired what this lady has done over the years too.

Just to say a quick hello now I'm back from my hols. I've tried to catch up with your blog - but you write too much!

Hope you're keeping well - and doing well.

Chris xx


Hi Mrs - Sorry I've not commented for a couple of days. I can't comment at work any more although I can read and have been struggling in the evenings. I've read what you've had to say though and I'm confident you can find a balance. You've having a wobble which is understandable with all that is going on.

I think you do have to tackle food sooner rather than later though and accept that you're not going to be perfect at it. Maybe allow yourself some deviations from the plan but say in advance what these will be so that you're not tempted to go with bad things (toast!!) when you do crack. That's where I'm at at the moment. I'm allowing myself yoghurt and fruit so that I don't grab handfuls of raisins and toast! Choosing the lesser evil.

The other thing is - and it may sound a bit hard - don't take on your husband's problems. I bet he didn;t take on yours. I don't mean you shouldn't support him but don't "acquire" his frustration and pain as if it were your own. It's a woman thing to identify too closely with our family but you need to concentrate on your issues at the moment and try and help each other rather than taking something from him only to make your burden even worse and not really help him anyway.

Just my two penn'orth.

RIP Anita - a very imressive woman indeed.

Hope you have a good few days, chin up chuck!

Lesley xx


Well, I am quite sad about Anita Roddick dying. I like the way she campaigned for fairtrade products and natural products.

However, like many people, she was a complex character. I was quite surprised to find out that she actively discouraged the setting up of trade unions in the Body Shop. A friend of mine was sacked in Auckalnd for trying to set one up in store. Apparently the policy came right from the woman herself - who once said in a magazine interview when challenged on this that there was no need for trade unions in her shops as she was a good employer. Hmm.

But I haven't let that completely colour my view of her - we all have our good and bad points.

It just goes to show that life is too short for all those trivial matters we bog ourselves down in. A reminder to grasp what life has to offer!

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