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October 16, 2007



Hi sugar.

Glad to see you're still sticking at it. I feel like a different person to the low person of a week or so ago. Think it was partly hormonal and bloat from a much delayed time of the month but I MUST learn from it how NOT to react next time.

We need to make sure that the failures are shortere and sweeter each time, that way we're making progress!!

I'm doing loads of exercise so far on my hols - and loving it too. That is one thing that has changed for me - exercise really is a part of my life forever. Just need to whip the food and I'm sorted.

Will touch base when I get back in more detail.

Keep it up and well done on your myriad sucesses.

Lesley x


And Mr Lard's take on it was...?

Cerulean (Sarah)

I've spent too much time reading her blog this evening at your recommendation, and I'm put to shame - wow - her story is incredible! I can't wait to read the book - her style is infectious!

Brilliant! - thanks for the pointer, Mrs. - excellent recommendation.

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