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November 26, 2007



Good for you - typical Mrs L to approach it so sensibly and thoughtfully. Personally - and I always seem to take the easy option and path of least resistance - I am accepting that over Christmas (and on holiday) I will be like the rest of the world and put on weight. This is true of "normal" people too so I'm determined not to stress about it but do what those "normal" people do and diet a bit (harder) afterwards. After all, January is basically the month where EVERYONE in on a diet! Even the smack table calms down - once people have offloaded the chocs etc they don't want to eat themselves that is!!

Peridot x


Hola Mrs L - I say eat loads of the stuff you love and know is good/not outrageously bad for you - veggies, low fat protein (some stuffing) and fruit - so you are eating with others but not in the calorietastic cheese straw way. Have reserves in stock so that you can have a nibble without snapping elastic in the New Year - low cal alcohol could be the answer! In a way I think like alcohol, tricky to recover from an eating binge because the demons in your head are not there to help you and your body will be saying - more of that fat and sugar combo please...NOWWWWWWWWWWW.

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