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November 29, 2007



Hi Mrs. I'm very close to where you are now except that I have gained more weight! I suspect that we're both trying to hard to make things "perfect". I have this feeling that, because I didn't do RTM properly, I won't "get it". This is counter-productive. I would like to kind of start again with management but am not sure whether I can, especially while I'm now back to trying to lose weight again!

The important thing though is that is HAS been worth it!! We're both a hell of a lot smaller than we were - a normal size after all these years!! This is huge. We've learned a lot but maybe don't put all of it in practice. We haven't given up and have NOT failed at this dieting thing!!

I think meeting people for whom the diet and staying slim afterwards seems easy is a bit demoralising but we should try and learn from them and embrace their world (however dull it seems!).

Keep up the questing and you have an ally here.

Lesley x

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