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December 02, 2007



Hi there,

I've been avidly reading, as always, but I realised I've not commented for a while. I have been going back through your archives to see how you were doing, what you were eating etc when you were at the stage that I am now. It is so helpful to read through other people's experiences. The LLC's job is to keep you following their law or they loose - and in meetings a lot of people, including myself, tell the LLC what they want to hear.

Apart from AmandaJayne - who appears to have stuck to the plan entirely - most people have had to make their own negotiations on the plan. So thank you for your honest blogs and your kind comments. You are a daily source of entertainment and essential information!

Cheers again...



I think you've done fabulously. Please don't beat yourself up for doing whatever you had to to get through. 3lbs is hardly anything - I fluctuate that much after a big meal! It's certainly not a 'gain' in any sense and you probably need to give yourself time to accept your new body.

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