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December 02, 2007



Ooh, foxy boots - good for you. I've got two pairs (from Duo - the fat girl's friend) in the cupboard for when my calves shrink back to a vaguely reasonable size and I can zip them up again. But tights are tricky for me being both hugely fat and 5' 11" - I've got some v. expensive Wolford ones that just about fit but I shy away from them. Well done to you for losing the weight. I'm not doing Lighterlife but I'm also on a weight loss journey and it's always good to read about other people's experiences.


Hi Mrs. It's great when you start feeling the benefits of what we've done isn't it? I'm currently wearing tights and boots myself this morning and do I feel foxy?? Oh yes! Well done for getting back in there.

Yay you.

Lesley x

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