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December 11, 2007



I agree about the clothes - you KNOW you've gained weight because items are tight or you just don't "feel" like wearing them (because you know they'll be uncomfortable). BUT, I think you can hide from the fact of your weight gain if you just rely on clothes. I have been doing that for the last few weeks. I knew I was gaining but, until I owned up, went back to class and faced the music, did nothing about it. I've been blogging about how good my exercise is etc (which is true) but not facing the fact that I've been eating too much.

So, your advice that "knowledge is power" and I must get back to class was spot on and has helped me a lot. Use clothes as a nag ,for me at least, recognise that it won't do the whole job.

Good luck chuck - I think you're sticking to it better than me but we both need to be a whole lot more ADULT about this thing that we're doing!!

Lesley x

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