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January 02, 2008



Snap! I'm a stone over too, for the same reasons. My jeans are tight and while it's not a disaster (my sister in law was going on about how slim I was yesterday and I managed to just smile and not mention the fact I'd put on a stone!) I need to get to grips with the situation. This means concentrating on my eating and daily weighing. I don't want to be obsessed but perhaps it's the only way for me. I did it last January-September so I can do it again! (but with food this time) As for critical parent language - sometimes we do things which need a bit of stern talking! I tend to ignore the more gentle approach.
Looking forward to tips on breaking the 'see food and eat it' habit!


I don't like that critical parent voice. But maybe that's just because I tend to be rebellious child...

Mrs - you may be a stone over but is it really that obvious to anyone else? I've put on more than 10kgs and it is noticeable but only by one size. I'm a tight 18 now where I was a tight 16 before. So you cannot have suddenly become fat. Try to put it into perspective.

Abstinence works to lose the weight quickly but it's not a forever lifestyle choice. I do worry about people who go back to it regularly because how is that different from a new fad diet every couple of weeks?

If you feel you must go back to abstinence for the Spice Girls gig, at least be sure that you appreciate it's a quick fix... One of these days, you me and the rest of us will all have to deal with food choices.



Just to say that although I've not commented recently (haven't got anything interesting or pertinent to say) your blog does keep me going and I check it almost every day.

I think you're doing really well - keep it up.

Peridot x

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