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January 17, 2008



I think you're right about abstinenece - whereas I'm tempted to do it just to get some weight off quickly, you seem to have other motivations. I'm STILL tempted to do it and it's definitely not off my agenda if I can't get back in control over the next few weeks but am giving this control business a shot.

Had pasta last night and feel terribly fat today so think that is off the menu for a LONG time!

It's really hard but I appreciate your help and it is at least stopping the rot even if I'm not shrinking at the moment. Need to post a longer post myself to get some of the thoughts churning round my head out.

I'm really glad abstinence is working for you at the moment and if it helps then that is a GOOD thing.

(((((((big hug))))))))

Lesley x


oh Missus... i bought EPL and stalled after the Italy! I started reading India and I was missing all the food... how sad am i? :P I will give it another go.

Tiger Girl

I can't believe we've not discussed 'EPL'. I bought it months before LL popped into my world, and after I read it I immediately sent it to a friend and then bought myself another copy just in case I never saw my original again! I LOVED this book. It's definitley the right time to pick it up again. At the time of first reading, I wasn't focused on the food bit I was more interested in the overall adventure. Now I think I would have a considerably different take on the food bit!!
I can't recommend it enough :)

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