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February 05, 2008



Oooh,station meet - isn't that one of your danger points? Good luck - forewarned is forearmed. And yay for fun! You deserve it after the weirdness of temping (do they only farm you out to freaks??!). If it's your friends in Limehouse be aware that I shall be scrutinising my 'hood for slender women with chocolate labradors d'un certain age and will approach if I see any! (I'm the dumpy redhead)

Peridot x


Hey sugar. Sorry I've not been around much and sorry you've been having a bad time. I really hope you experience an upturn soon and will be around a bit more for proper chats in the next day or so. Life is mad at the mo.

I'm thinking of you tho' luv.

((((((((big northern hugs...))))))))

Lesley x

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