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February 08, 2008



Working with a load of 'youngsters' can make you feel old (most of my office are under 30!) but you're just at a different life stage. They probably still have to label things before putting them in the fridge - and someone STILL nicks their milk/cheese/biscuits. And they have to queue for the bathroom - you have TWO!

Good luck with the job. I think that doing something you love is actually less sapping than doing something less stretching but that you really can't engage with.

And hope that the weekend in London is still on - perhaps that will help make you feel more cared for.

Peridot x


Hey Mrs. I really don't like the sound of that Business Park. Please don't do it for too long. Good luck with the big job application - anything you love is easy to do.

Part of you sounds as though you are in freefall yes, but the tone of your writing is not as down on yourself as it was several months ago when you were still in development. Then I used to think how hard on yourself you sounded for every little infraction. Now, you have some pretty big stuff going on but yet you sound more accepting of the fact that sometimes things aren't perfect and life isn't always a bowl of cherries.

I hope that is the case because you really are coping with a lot of big stuff and the last thing you need is to be hard on yourself. I think you're doing very well and you keep on trying, keep on seeking the answers. That is so admirable.

The baby thing - it's omnipresent isn't it? I'm new to it but already it's beginning to be quite an important theme in my daydreams. It sounds as though you need to get it straight in your head what you're doing about trying for a baby. It's not something you can put on hold. Sorry if I'm treading on painful ground with size 7's but you bring it up a lot yet don't seem to have a plan. That must be difficult position to be in.

I'm rooting for you and I'm sure you'll find the happy place; you've looked for it everywhere, it's got to be there somewhere...where did you last see it???

love and hugs,

Lesley x

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