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February 25, 2008



Sorry to hear it a challenge at the moment, we all know what that is like.

Try to look after yourself and be pleased with the things you have achieved.

I envy your loft space, it's sounds brill

Keep Posting

Sam xx


Hi Mrs! That loft sounds nice - now I can picture you in an airy space composing your lovely, thought-provoking missives. Now, just stay out of the kitchen of doom for a bit and we're sorted.

I'm in a bit of chaos up here. D fast asleep, Shelagh a bit shell-shocked and me wondering how much care she needs and whether she actually HAS finished giving birth!

I think tomorrow will be a bit nuts but after that it should settle down.

You keep up the digging, the mulling and the posting and it'll all come good. I've got a good feeling!

I like the idea of your H having an "alternative" Valentines dinner! I did that once in London years ago....a friend and I had arranged to have dinner not realising that it was the big V Day and ended sitting in a restaurant chock full of couples billing and cooing and being treated with exaggerated care by the waiters who obviously thought we were an item and didn't want to offend us!! Very funny.

Anyway, keep it up.

Lesley x

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