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February 22, 2008




It's been a long time away, and I am busy trying to catch up with those who were travelling a similar path last year.

I have read your latest post and (am afraid) took some comfort from it as helped me to see ...... 'IT'S NOT JUST ME'.

I too have had to loosen the notches on my clothes since 08/12/2007 and I am furious. However it seems not mad enough to be consitant enough to do something about it.

Where has the drive and determination gone?

I agree the head stuff goes hand in hand with smaller portion sizes, and what I struggle most with is the continual nature of it.

Hey can't I just have a day off? LOL

Take Care, and I will be watching with interests to see how you get your MOJO back. Any spare send me some down the wires

Sam xx


Hey Mrs - just caught up with the last 9 posts (I can't check blogs at work these days) and it sounds like it's been an emotional week with the EF leaving and OH attending job interviews and guilt about the dog.

I've been trying to remember the lessons from LL when life gets me down - specifically the one about eating not resolving whatever issue you have. I have to admit I have failed to make it work.

Anyway, I thought a 'me too' might help but please cut yourself some slack. You seem to cope with all kinds of crises and still get on here most nights to fess up or provide support to others. You don't give yourself enough credit and always seem to come down on yourself like a tonne of bricks. In many ways you are the success of the little group of bloggers!

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