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March 08, 2008



Hi there chuck. I know how you just get to the point where you realise you're being daft and suddenly it makes sense. I feel good now and I'm sure with just a few short weeks of effort you will too. I'm glad to have been of service!

I have posted some puppy porn for you!!

Good luck and don't worry about the jeans, you won't be wearing them for long!

Lesley xx


At least you realise what's going on. You haven't just worn the bigger jeans and ignored your weight and what that means to you. Well done for resisting the cake and office goodies; that's the first step back to size 12! xxx


How like you to take a negative and turn it into a positive - amazing (and humbling) stuff. Buy some decent jeans though - there's no point in punishing yourself by wearing something that's not flattering. Feeling good about yourself must be a motivator too!

Peridot x

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