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March 03, 2008



Goodness, I don't quite know what to say. That is all awfully big stuff and such a lot of pressure to put on yourself to make such fundamental decisions. Whatever you decide you know I'll be rooting for you - and am thinking of you too.

Peridot x


I knew she'd be back - better than ever!! Yes - you do have some serious decisions but your whole tone seems to be much more positive and strong than it has been so now you have some time to tackle the issues.

I haven't got much time now but will check in later.

Re dog care, D is home for half the time and then, when I'm at work and he's on the rig, I take her to a farm place just round the corner from us (we pay). I think when the pup is grown, they'll stay at home together as they'll be company for each other. I don't work particularly long days and am often at home.

Have a good day chuck.

Lesley xx

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