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March 06, 2008



Thing sem to think you're out of control but really you're not. You're just doing what normal people do and prioritising things other than your weight. it's hard for us eaters to think that anything can be more important than weight but it can!!

Good luck with all your issues and all the luck in the world about the new opportunity!

Big kiss chuck

Lesley xx


What a positive post! Sounds great that you are making plans for your career - life is not all about dieting (as Lesley says) and dieting is so much easier if you're happy with other aspects of your life (I imagine!).

Peridot x


I have such confidence in you mate and your ability to be massively successful doing something you love. I am increasingly thinking (drama queen warning) if I had only a few months left to live would I have spent the day doing this - mindless admin in the office, shuffling dust round the house or eating my own bodyweight in bourbons? It is a good kick up the bhind for me as if I am low only one person can do anything about putting a smile on my face - plasterers aside - and that is me. I know that you could be enjoying action packed days full of people contact that will give you all the highs previously provided by crisps and bread.
Big love Porkyxxx

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