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July 22, 2008



Hmm, some classic panic eating (strokes imaginary beard wisely) but also some good choices with Crussh (their green tea is the most delicious I have ever tasted) and the team lunch. I think you're doing pretty well actually - new job is so stressful and a monster commute on top (tiredness is now pretty much universally acknowledged to cause hunger). I have had a week of eating and put on 10lbs - wtf?! Back on packs but it doesn't bode well for my eventual return to food.

Peridot x


Hi there. Yeah, sounds like you're doing ok. I know big rows and tiredness are a massive trigger but, if you distil where you're at, not tooooo bad!

You need to try and curb office eating....It is my major downfall at the moment. I don't know why when I managed not to have a single bite for months on end last year. Now suddenly the biscuit tin and snack table call me and give in a lot. Try to resist from the start or it will be harder later, that would be my tip for the top!

Hope you're enjoying the work too.

(((((((big hug))))))))

Lesley x

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