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January 28, 2009


Tiger Girl

WTF can you actually cook with one marrow?!?!? Let alone thousands of them!! :)
Hysterical. I must ask PDP for a recipe (she'll have one!)
LOVING the allotment metaphor and oh so true on putting in the work does reap the reward, And (dare I say), it's a constant thing. But we must remember that whilst the work bit is constant, so too are the rewards. Ah, balance, imagine that? :)


I'm so impressed that you got ANYTHING out of that barren chunk of land!! Massive kudos.

Yup - totally get the law of diminishing returns, but there is also the rule where, once you have put a massive amount of work into something, and stabilised your processes, you don't actually have to keep working at that level going forward to get out the same returns. Unfortunately, I can't remember what THAT rule is called!!

You'll get through it and then have all those luscious veggies as a reward as well as loads of fresh air and exercise.


Lesley xx


The profound similes have passed me by as I revel in an orgy of vegetable envy - yum! And stuffed marrow is very nice. Possibly only a limited number of times, but still....

Peridot x


Well, Doodle, as I am now known Tiger Girl, can certainly give you heaps & heaps of recipes for Marrow... When we are out of abstinence, for now, I shall work on the peanut bar recipes etc...!!
That alotment and the produce, is FANTASTIC, I cannot tell you how impressed I am... CANI - Constant & Neverending Improvement !! Yes we CAN xxx

Account Deleted

Best analogy ever :)

And WOW lookit all those veg! You must be so proud! I've got veg envy too!

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