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April 23, 2009



I bet the walk helps and really blows away the cobwebs.

You WILL be the woman who learns to control her weight....we both will.

Lesley x


How exciting to be inspiring....
Believe with Absolute Certainty you are succeeding in every area. Hope the walk was fabulous... We shall compare notes, but I know who has the shapely legs & it is NOT ME!!


It's so true - this thing about 'rest of your life'. I've still got to get to that stage, after the lose the weight stage, but it's challenging stuff alright - physically and emotionally.

I bet the walk will help no end - I always find it very calming to be outside in the countryside and a bit of activity makes you feel happier and more energised.

Have a good weekend.

Peridot x


I find regular exercise really does moderate my appetite. Have a look for a book called, "The Science of Fat, the Future of Thin". There is a section in there that talks about why, from a physiology perspective, if you exercise more, you eat less. It has always stuck with me (although not so much that I can remember the science and repeat it for you now!).

The book is very interesting and very readable - she makes the science very accessible. I found it interesting to step back and look at weight from a less emotional place - it was a very different perspective for me. You might find it interesting as well.

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