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April 28, 2009



I'm not sure you reasonably CAN compare Green and Blacks with a chocolate pack - it's like comparing a chunk of coal with a 5 carat diamond. Although that may be unfair to coal.

Peridot x

PS Still like the G&B butterscotch best


This is totally not the point of your entry but what is the deal with these two milk chocs? Is the 30% replacing the 34% one? The wrapper just looks slightly jazzed up. But I think the 30% doesn't taste as good as the 34%. Hmmm.

Hang in there Mrs... xxox


Well, after our "telling off" last night any chocolate at all is going to be a loooooong way from my lips. I'm glad you enjoyed what you ate but don;t make a habit of it. it will just make it harder for you (as you know).

Well done for 'fessing up and have a great day tomorrow.

Lesley x

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