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June 01, 2009



Great to hear from you Mrs. I'm off to bed so no great inspiration I'm afraid.

I think one of the things the beeb programme said was that soup fills you up more and for longer than solid food. And it's true - I've been taking soup to work and am defo less hungry than on normal stuff!!

Keep on keeping on chuck.

Lesley x


Welcome back Mrs!

I read your WW thing and it is a bit glib and fatuous - I guess it's aimed at people who don't have a clue, I'm always surprised when you read those weight loss stories where people are amazed at things like potatoes not actually being vegetables and that there's calories in bread etc.

I saw the programme and it is worth a look. Not many surprises for me but I am trying to incorporate low fat/cal dairy into my diet more now.

Peridot x


Hello Mrs L - Missed you!!
Numbers.... There is only one - You are number ONE - make sure you remember that.
Had a really interesting meeting last night re Insulin and getting into a Hyper Glycemic state by continually eating high sugar stuff... Very interesting, need to speak. Still de-cluttering, unpacking.. I hope you are taking it easy !!


Missing you.... Let us know how you're doing.

Peridot x

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