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July 15, 2009


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Sometimes I feel like my head is going explode from all this food stuff... not only worrying if i'll get fatter but the environment and endangered species and whatnot. then if you go vegetarian you end up eating more soy and soy is destorying amazon rainforests and whatnot... what to bloody do!?


Expensive sushi restaurants, huh? I think I can be pretty sure that I've never had this!

I eat meat and fish (and most things actually although I am awfully fussy) but I won't eat foie gras because it's so cruel and I won't eat white veal for the same reason. I should eat more British and rose veal as it shows farmers that we don't care that the meat isn't white and so they don't need to treat their calves so badly.

That's the ethical stuff but with far dodgier rationale, I don't eat rabbit or horse either - because I see both as pets. All this is better than my unbelievably shallow brother who will eat anything he thinks is 'ugly'. Yup, nice. I'm sure he'd euthanase me too given the chance - he's horrified by my lack of designer togs!

I have toyed with the idea of vegetarianism because I do love animals - but I also love meat. I do feel as long as I buy ethically reared meat that I am doing my bit to keep happy cows etc in the fields.

Peridot x


I too got that email today and I have duly pledged. Recently I've gone from "doing my best" in shops but buying non-ethical stuff if there's no choice, to never buying anything I can't truly justify even if that means I have to totally change my eating plans. I'm getting organised and shop a lot more locally. It makes buying a sarnie on the run in Rotherham difficult though!

Well done for publicising the issue - I think about these things but seldom get round to doing them...hangs head...

Lesley x

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