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July 06, 2009



Aaaaah sweetie. But you're talking about it and recognising it and it was only a week, not necessarily the months you mention! I know it's got to be hard just try to achieve tiny things, small sucesses like one healthy breakfast, one avoided temptation at a time and REALLY congratulate yourself when you achieve those small things. It WILL get easier and, believe me, all the work you have done has NOT been wasted.

Massive hugs.

Lesley x


Oh Mrs, I've just got back and checked in with you - I'm so, so sorry that you're going through such a hard time and especially sorry about the loss of your lovely lab. Thinking of you.

lots of love
Peridot x

Candee Rose

I am so sorry for the grief you are dealing with, both the loss of your dog and the infertility issues. Thank you so much for the email response. It was nice to see that you had sent me a message back. I think it is great that you are talking about it on your blog. I think it will be good therapy to get it out. I sometimes tell my hubby that you don't have to listen to me but I have to get all the feelings and emotions out of me with or without you being present. Do you know what I mean? I am sending you hugs!!

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