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August 11, 2009



Great to see you back. I love the title of your post. Really gutsy when you're dragging yourself back out of that hole. Good luck with the exercise, I'm sure it'll help both with dropping some lbs and with cheering you up, it always works for me.

What is it I say now??

Keep it up chuck!

Lesley xx


Nothing of any use to say except to send a hug. You sound pissed off, you have every right and I know you'll sort it out. Try not to turn your pissed-off-ness against yourself. You've put on a bit of weight - you haven't murdered anyone. xxx


Welcome back!

I'm sorry you've had a tough time but it's much to your credit that you always pick yourself up and get back on that wagon. Hope the new gym works out for you and helps you feel more in control.

Peridot x

PS No pic of pudding? Did you not have any? (sharp intake of breath)

Account Deleted

So glad you are back. I know how hard it can be with the big D. don't forget we're always here to listen!!

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