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September 07, 2009



Wow! Impressive - what a great post. I'm really glad for you that you've found some fun in exercising - as you know, I ran 3-4 times a week for a year and hated every minute. It didn't do much for me physically - or psychologically. But if you're having fun, you're not resenting that time and not needing big payback in the form of weight lost to keep you motivated.

Peridot x


Faaaantastic. I want to take up tennis again but can't find anyone reliable to play with. You're a bit too far away for it to work!! You are so right about doing something you love. That's why I've given up on gyms. I like the mountain biking and like the running to a point, mainly because I'm out in the open air with the dogs but I could do with something interactive too.

Brilliant stuff and I hope you do a bit more of it.

Lesley x

Account Deleted

Good on you Mrs... be brave and bold :)

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