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September 14, 2009



I rather liked body pump when I belonged to a swanky gym. Bet you ache tomorrow! I like that ache - you really know you've achieved something stretching.

Peridot x


I certainly been to classes where I felt like a freak and would have loved someone to speak to me.

I'm sure you classmate was just offering the hand of friendship because she knows what its like to pitch up to a class feeling fat and awkward.


Good for you for going! I love body pump classes. They're great for you and if you keep going, you can easily see improvement.
I'm sure your classmate was a) just trying to be helpful or b) wanted to brag about her successes! or c) Both! If the answer was a) maybe you'll keep seeing her and make a gym friend. If it was b) oh well, move on and keep enjoying the class.

Thanks for writing. I do love your blog!


Woohoo! You are going so well!
I think you hit the nail on the head in your latest entry. I am EXACTLY the same if left to my own devices on the gym floor, faffing around on machines. You just work so much harder in classes! Maybe it's that perfectionist thing, knowing that teacher is watching? Hehe. Who knows... but it works.

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