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September 07, 2009



Okay, I don't think your driving instructor chappie, good though he may be, can (or should!!) be able to help you out on the being a mother desire. There are limits after all!!

But on the driving, now you know what YOU want (to be a driver), you can set aside all this other stuff which is not you but your chimp. This "why haven't I learned as fast or as easily as other people?" (what did you say to Peridot? - "compare and despair"?); I've tried loads of times and not got there....blah blah blah.

Lose the emotional stuff and just concentrate on learning a skill. Everyone is different and learns differently and that's all there is to it. There is no judgement edge to it, you are not a better or worse person as a result of being able to drive or not, you just need to acquire a skill which you currently don't have. You wouldn't judge a foreigner who didn't speak good English, you'd just think they need a bit more practise. So, don't judge yourself. Not helpful.

Nag nag nag

Well done for trying again. It must be difficult to make yourself do it and I have utter faith that you'll get there.

Have fun too!!

Lesley xx


I find driving difficult too - I avoid it wherever possible. But like anything, the more I do it, the more routine it becomes and the less angst it causes me. I have an over-active imagination and I used to imagine crashes, collisions and fatalities at every traffic light, zebra crossing and right turn. But at least I am not zooming around, over confident. You'll get there - persistence is your middle name (mine's Jane btw but we're all different!)

Peridot x

Newark Driving School

Like with anything, the more practice you have the better you'll become. Driving didn't come natural to me and unfortunately I had regular gaps in between lessons, but I ploughed on and after 6 tests I achieved a full license. Some things will come easy and some things will take time, but if you keep at it, sooner or later you'll get there.

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