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September 15, 2009



I am SO SO interested in this - please blog in minute detail if you can bear to! What are you eating for breakfast? I find that particularly tricky.

My reservations are:
1) that I don't usually eat breakfast until I get to my desk, around 2 hours after getting up. It's partly time and mostly because I find I'm hungry when I get in.
2) the no-mid-morning-snack thing - not sure I'd survive!
3) yep, the potato
4) does it mean you can never eat anything sweet again? I don't want a chocolate free life, just to be in control.

I bought some St John's Wort today to try and help lift me from the doldrums - but I've now discovered that I may not be allowed to take it because of my migraine medication, grrr.

Can't wait to read more!

Peridot x


What a great beginning!! WOW~~you have an open heart...
a) the issue about an hour is important so you don't put your body into a stress crisis.You haven't eaten since the night before.
b) you can have a mid morning snack :)
c)the potato is designed to raise serotonin in your brain. Serotonin is the JUST SAY NO chemical. It gives you impulse control. The myth that potatoes are bad for you is a myth. Read the book for a scientific explanation :)
d)No, it simply means that you are free from compulsion and you GET TO chose what you want. This is not about control. You can't control sugar addiction. This is healing. But the sugar thing is step SIX, not step one. By the time you get there, it is a non issue.



Go you good thing!
I get a bit frazzled by protein too but if you think it doesn't have to be a slab of meat. Eggs are good and only take as long to scramble as your slice of bread does to toast... or Greek yogurt contains a decent amount of protein... 150g pot of 2% has 10g. my weekday brekkie is greek yogurt with unsweetned tinned apples or pears (me very lazy) and a sprinke of raw oats and sunflower seeds (good fats and some carbs) and cinnamon. almost tastes like apple crumble :P


Why are you going vegetarian?


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