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September 11, 2009



If you find something that shouts to you then you owee it to yourself to give it every it do it do it!!!

I hate to think of you being sad so I wish you every ounce of strength and love you need to see this through.

(((((((big hug)))))))

Lesley x


By some curious co-incidence I also found this the other day (can't remember how and it wasn't me who told you about it before) and I ordered it from Amazon. Then I cancelled it. I just can't get my head around eating a potato after dinner, before bed. And no mid-morning snack but mainly the potato. But in answer to those questions:
* I really like sweet foods (Oh yes)
* I eat a lot of sweets (Not really but I'd like to!)
* I am very fond of bread, cereal, popcorn and/or pasta (not really)
* I now have or once had a problem with alcohol or drugs (No)
* One or both of my parents are/were alcoholic (No)
* One or both of my parents are/were especially fond of sugar (Yes)
* I am overweight and don't seem to be able to easily lose the extra pounds (I don't think I really need to say do I?! YES)
* I continue to be depressed no matter what I do (Having problems in this area recently)
* I often find myself overreacting to stress (Yes, I think so)
* I have a history of anger that sometimes surprises even me (Not really - I seethe alot internally, really seethe but I'm a bottler)

So I'm not sure I 100% fit the profile but I'm really, really interested to see how it works for you, Mrs. The comments on Amazon were largely glowing.

Peridot x

Account Deleted

Wow... my mum bought this book for me when I was at uni. 1998? She was being very subtle, this came after she sent me a cheque for 10 weight watchers meetings! I scanned the back and thought, "a potato in the evening? that'll make me fatter!" then proceeding to eat half a tub of ice cream at midnight.

I am glad you found a book that is singing to you! It really really sound like a good read. sometimes books just find you right when you need them. I've been thinking of you Mrs, let us know how you get on!! xxox

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