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September 30, 2009


Account Deleted

Well done comrade well done! That breakthrough is brilliant: "a decision made without restriction". There are so many things to be positive about from this week :)

You are so bloody right about the organising and the tiredness. Today I slept in til 8.15, left my brekkie at home and just had v unsatisfying stale oatcakes and banana... now fighting urge to faceplant into the biscuit tin!

OH! Unsolicited idea for your morning shake - maybe chuck a small handful of oats into the blender to get your complex carb in? They go really nicely with bananas and blend into nothing so it doesn't taste particularly oaty - just makes it slightly thicker and a pleasant earthiness.


Ha! Shauna pipped me to the post on the old oats suggestion! I agree with you and her about organistion - and it's easy to get into a vicious circle: tiredness leads to lack of organisation which leads to random and bonkers eating which leads to tiredness.

Still VERY interested in you PnP programme - and v impressed (and a little spooked) that the author found your blog and my questions! I am still toying with it - just afraid I won't lose weight on it. As you say, it's not the primary motivation behind it and yet I know I'm more miserable the fatter I am.

Finally, impressed with your breakthrough moment - those moments are not to be underestimated.

Peridot x

Account Deleted

Hope you are okay Mrs... thinking of you!!!


Long time, no post. How are you? How's it going on PnP?


Me too - you alright chuck? I recall Oct was an important month for you. Hope all's well.

Lesley x

Fionna Devine

Where are you, Mrs? Hope you are ok - we're all missing you!!
Take care,
Fionna x

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