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September 20, 2009


Account Deleted

I watched that very same episode on Saturday! While sitting on my butt on the couch. Eating toast. With no proteinous toppings :P

Sometimes I am torn between wanting to hug or gentle strange you... you are just so bloody hard on yourself. You got yourself to the gym how many times last week? That is fantastic!

I never, ever want to go exercise, but most times it's okay once you get started. Getting there is the miraculous part so make sure you give yourself CREDIT for your appearances.

Account Deleted

Sorry, that should say "strangle" not "strange"


Account Deleted

and "gently" not "gentle"... dear oh dear. sorry!!!


Hiya Mrs. Just back and just catching up./ You sound as though you've been busy! Gymming it and new diet. Great stuff. You sound so positive and like a woman on amission again.

Don't worry about the resistance to the gym thing - it's your inner chimp mucking you around. Reassure her that you can do it, trick her into going by saying that you'll only do the 10 minute warm up and can leave at any time after that and I bet you get there and stick it out once you get going. As Shauna says, once you get started you usually enjoy it.

Speak soon.

Lesley x

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