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November 27, 2009



I'm so sorry to hear that you're leaving the blogging world. I've really enjoyed your writing and 'getting to know you' and hearing about your life in England (somewhere I've always wanted to live).
But I can understand having a crappy year and needing to retreat to figure it all out. Take care of yourself and know what we're all cheering for you.
Please let me know if you ever start blogging again (or if you want an email pal from Washington).
Take care.


Hi there,

Rather than giving up, I wonder if this might be the time to really understand what happened. You have lots of people who are interested in your story. You have been gritty and honest..and I think this is simply a stop along the journey, not a failure.

You don't have to figure this out alone, Vanessa. I actually totally understand what is happening and I can guide you with a solution if you like.



Ey up chuck - I was just thinking about getting in touch and checked your blog and here you are. I wondered if stepping back was what you were thinking about.

You take care Mrs L - you are very special and I'm sure you have a bright and happy future just around the corner.

As you have said to me on so many occasions - Big Kiss!!

Lesley xx


Every day I check your blog, hoping for news. If you do decide not to continue, you really will leave a big hole in all your readers' lives - certainly in mine. It is of course your decision so I just want to say that I really hope things improve for you and that next year is much better for you than this has been. I'd love it if you stay in touch (you have my email) and I'll check in here from time to time in the hope that there's news.

Peridot x

Fionna Devine

I've been checking your blog every day hoping to hear from you. Lovely suprise when I found you were back but I now seem to have got a bit emotional hearing that you are "leaving" !!
I hope that everything works out for you and things start to improve in your life. Please let me know if you ever start to blog again.

love Fionna xx


It's strange, I still check your blog just in case. I miss you!!

Lesley x

Fionna Devine

same here..!!


Sarah (mia79gbr)

Am still checking your blog. Hope everything is going well.
x Sarah


Just thought I'd check for the millionth time - Miss you and hope you are ok xxx

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